Advantages of tracking dangerous goods and lithium-ion transports

Dangerous goods tracking - smart monitoring of the status of dangerous goods in logistics

The requirements with the desire to save resources and sustainability are also becoming increasingly important in the area of supply chain management.
Goods, commodities or materials that exceed certain limits may lose their material properties or are no longer usable and must be disposed of. In the case of hazardous goods, there is additional danger and possible damage to the environment even if specified limits are exceeded.

For this reason, it is particularly important to monitor the conditions of dangerous goods in the supply chain in order to be able to intervene in case of deviations and to be able to recognise dangers and damage as early as possible.

The use of the 4smartlogistics tracking system for the monitoring of dangerous goods and sensitive products offers our customers the possibility to recognise and realise potential savings and quality assurance measures.

Automatically detect hazards at an early stage and avoid harm to people and the environment

When transporting hazardous substances, compliance with all prescribed condition limits is essential.
In order to ensure the best possible delivery processes and quality of the products, information about the location and route is also essential.

The manual control of the values position, shock and temperature of hazardous goods by conventional data loggers is tedious, incomplete and not continuous. In contrast, the monitoring of transport and storage by the dangerous goods tracker of 4smartlogistics offers the recording, saving and making available of these values at any time.

Mapping complex transport routes in the hazardous goods sector is no problem for 4smartlogistics. Customers use the tracking solution for internal proof for quality assurance and for proof of a high-quality transport process for customers and other external auditing companies.

Data is automatically recorded and regularly sent to the cloud-based IoT-platform.
This provides our customers with a wide range of reports that can be customised and automatically sent as documents for quality management and external reviews such as audits or by customers.

Advantages for forwarders and customers:

  • Conditions of the goods always in view
  • Documents & reports to prove a secure supply chain
  • Reduction of manual efforts by employees
  • Reduction of container requirements
  • Significant reduction of container fleet shrinkage
  • Retrofitting of the container fleet possible
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No energy supply necessary

Function of the solution at a glance:

  • Alarm when limit value is exceeded
  • Route records
  • Temperature profile
  • Shock values in case of vibrations
  • Overview of the locations of all load carriers
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Standard and customisable reports
  • Data available at any time
  • Exportable data to PDF documents or Excel reports

Dangerous Goods Tracker TX1.0 - The smart tracking system for your container fleet

Technical data:

Temperature measuring range: -27 °C to +80 °C
Accuracy: +/-2 °C
Operating temperature: -27 °C to +70 °C
Humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation)
Ip protection class: ip67
Device dimensions: length: 118mm – width: 57mm – height: 27m


Battery lifetime:

TX 1.0: up to 6 years* (location: NB-IoT & 2G)



Various mounting brackets available

*Battery life may vary depending on the area of use and frequency of transmission.

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