Gastronomy - smart temperature monitoring of the cold chain in food transport

Cold chain monitoring of insulated containers


The requirements in the area of temperature monitoring have increased greatly in the past.
Manual activities to monitor the cold chain are expensive, time-consuming and can be incomplete.
Avoidable activities by employees such as manually checking and performing temperature records are increasingly automated in the transport processes of frozen and chilled food.
Temperature deviations and errors in the processes can only be detected if the data basis is sufficient and as accurate as possible.

4smartlogistics offers a sustainable and quickly implementable option for the transport of food.

Quickly deployable and reliable replacement for manually operated temperature data loggers


When using conventional temperature data loggers to prove the temperature course of refrigerated goods and frozen foods, a large potential for error arises from the high time expenditure by employees.

The Thermotracker TX4.0 from 4smartlogistics offers an automated solution without manual effort and ensures continuous compliance with the required temperature ranges.

Data is automatically recorded and regularly sent to the cloud-based IoT-platform.
A variety of reports are available to customers on this platform, which can be used as evidence for quality management and for external reviews by customers or audits through customisable reports and automatically sendable documents.

Price for dry ice increases - reduce dry ice consumption


By continuously monitoring the temperatures in the insulated containers during daily operation, you can detect excessive dry ice consumption. Prices for dry ice have risen sharply in the past, as have additional CO2 taxes.

You too can control and optimise your dry ice consumption to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution and costs.

For more information on how this works, read our white paper on reducing dry ice costs:



Advantages for forwarders & grocers:

  • Replaces conventional temperature data loggers
  • Elimination of manual activities such as inserting and reading out data loggers
  • Retrofitting of containers possible at any time
  • Quickly implemented installation
  • no energy supply necessary
  • Safeguarding of food quality
  • Avoidance of food waste
  • Documents for external quality verification (customer & audits)

Function of the solution at a glance:


  • HACCP compliant temperature measurement
  • Temperature curves assigned to delivery data
  • Route recording
  • Locations of insulated containers
  • Data available at all times
  • Inventory monitoring of the entire container fleet
  • Reduction of shrinkage of expensive insulated containers
  • Standard and customisable reports
  • Exportable data to PDF documents or Excel reports

Thermotracker TX4.0 - The smart tracking system for food deliveries

Technical data:

Temperature measuring range: -27 c to +80 °C
Limit value for measurement deviations: +/-0.5 °C
Resolution: <0.2°C
Operating temperature: -27 °C to +70 °C
Humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation)
Ip protection class: ip67
Device dimensions: length: 118mm – width: 57mm – height: 27mm


Battery lifetime:

TX 4.0: up to 4 years* (location: NB-IoT)

TX 7.0: up to 2 years* (location: GPS & NB-IoT)


Various mounting brackets available

*Battery life may vary depending on the area of use and frequency of transmission.

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