Spetra Berlin - Spedition & Logistik Berlin GmbH, a company of the Würfel Group, deals with approx. 100 truck units in refrigerated logistics for various clients from the retail sector.

It is very important to monitor the temperature control of the refrigerated trucks to maintain the cold chain during deliveries.

TransGourmet Bremen, a specialist in the delivery of groceries to bulk consumers in gastronomy and mass catering, delivers groceries to the East Frisian Islands several times a week in Isotec TBX boxes (frozen containers).


4smartlogistics gmbh also official b2b partner of deutsche telekom.

in 2022 in the field of nb-iot end-2-end tracking solution....




According to a study by Fraunhofer IML

Tracking devices that work with both NB-IoT & 2G achieve the highest network coverage in Europe.

Our TX1.0 also sends data with these two network technologies.

Moving digitally together into the future of logistics

4smartlogistics GmbH has partnered with t-matix since 2020 as part of its strong partner network. The company is a specialist in inventory tracking and status monitoring of non-power assets...

4smartlogistics gmbh will also be the official b2b partner of deutsche telekom

in the area of nb-iot end-2-end tracking solutions in 2021...



4 different tracking devices suitable for every application.

from passive low cost tracking with smart label to the premium tracker tx 7.0 with gps, the right device for data acquisition is available to meet your various requirements.


Our web platform is now available in three languages for our international customers.

From now, customers can choose from three languages on our web platform. In addition to German, English and French are now also available.