Transgourmet Bremen - temperature-controlled island delivery

Cold chain monitoring of Isotec TBX insulated containers from Gebhardt Logistic Solutions GmbH at TransGourmet Bremen

TransGourmet Bremen, a specialist in the delivery of groceries to bulk consumers in gastronomy and mass catering, delivers groceries to the East Frisian Islands several times a week in Isotec TBX boxes (frozen containers).

In order to ensure seamless cold chain monitoring, the temperature of the Isotec TBX deep-freeze containers is fully automatically monitored and located using the 4smartlogistics tracker, and the data is sent via the NB-IoT network.

With the TX7.0 Tracker, we ensure HACCP-compliant temperature recording during the entire transport route, locate the Isotec TBX containers with GPS or cell position and send the data according to preset parameters at any time from any location directly via Telekom's NB-IoT network to the cloud platform where they are available to TransGourmet.

See also our use case video.