tracker tx 4.0 [g]

tracker for dangerous goods

the tx 4.0 [g] permanently monitors the temperature of your dangerous goods during storage and transport.

if the temperature reaches a defined critical value, warning messages are permanently sent throughout europe over deutsche telekom’s nb-iot to the web platform, which in turn informs the user via sms, email and/or push messages.

even if the container is in the building.

the transmitted location and temperature data enable you to take appropriate measures before damage (e.g. fire, explosion) occurs.

temperature measuring range: -27 c to +80 °c; limit value for measurement deviations: +/-0.5 °c; resolution: <0.2°c

operating conditions: temperature -27 °c to +80 °c; humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation).

ip protection class: ip67.

device dimensions: length: 118mm – width: 57mm – height: 27mm

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